Your story
How many pets did you grow up with? 
Throughout my life, we used to have a LOT of pets around the home. We always had at least one dog, but often multiple. Multiple cats and kittens, there were chickens, goats, horses, and rabbits. Even though I liked all of them (goats maybe a little less as one of our goats once attacked me, which got me to fear goats ever since), dogs are still my favorite.
Dogs can come along to wherever you go, always ready to be petted or played with. So many great memories and travels to be made together!
We had some great cats who were very affectionate as well, but since we don’t have cats of our own for many years now, I noticed how cats of others never really care for someone else than their owner (if even that). My love for cats faded away a little because most are so rarely interested in new people.
What are the best stories about your pets?

At one point, we had 4 pets. 2 dogs and 2 cats. the 2 cats Cremmie and Cadeautje were with

Our German shepherd Quinty

us for about 8 years already, our little cairn terrier Buddy was with us for 6 or so I think, and the German shepherd Quinty was with us for maybe 1 or 2 years. Quinty had a habit of chasing all the small dogs in the neighborhood and also all the cats, including ours. To make sure the cats were safe in the house we had a gate before the stairs. Apparently this didn’t matter and Quinty jumped over it, with the cats luckily escaping through a window they managed to open (crazy how smart cats can be!).

Cremmie cane back a few days later, Cadeautje didn’t. As Quinty also attacked dogs in the neighborhood, we all decided it was best to find her a new home with someone who could manage her better (my parents were also busy with their business so often not home).
We brought her away, and when we came home, Buddy was gone. He took off regularly, going after hedgehogs that were in the bushes across the street from our home. Normally we could always find him again, this time we didn’t… That night, we went to sleep with just the 1 cat left.
The next morning, now that most of our pets were gone, my dad decided to go get Quinty back. While we drove there, I noticed a cat that looked a lot like Cadeautje. I got ut and checked and she started to meow. She was always a shy cat and I knew this was her. I called my mom who didn’t come with us to go get Quinty back and told her where to find Cadeautje and she managed to get her home. While we just got Quinty back my mom called us. She got a call from the school opposite our home, they found a little dog in the morning in one of the classrooms… As it turned out, it was Buddy decided to study something new for the night in class when there was a parent-teacher night.
That’s the craziest story of how we got from 4 pets to 1, back to 4 again :).
Our cats Cremmie and Cadeautje
Our cats Cremmie and Cadeautje
Why don’t you have any pets?
I have been traveling a lot and still want to travel everywhere! A pet does complicate this, as I love to travel all over the world! Maybe we will get a shared dog, 50% of the time with us, 50% with another couple. This does make it easier when we want to travel, but I also find it hard to imagine sharing my pet. Guess he wouldn’t really feel mine.
Buddy & Cremmie
Buddy & Cremmie
Will you ever get a pet yourself?
Yes. I love pets, and now that my parents don’t have a dog anymore I can pet from time to time and play with, I know I will be getting a dog someday. I am waiting for a more stable situation before I really go looking for a dog. I know when I have a dog in my home when he’s not sleeping, I can’t think of anything else than take care of that dog. This makes it hard to get anything done! When I have a more stable situation, it won’t be that bad if I get distracted a lot ad eventually I will learn to deal with having a dog AND a business.
I know it will never be the right time and there will always be something going on which makes it inconvenient. But I know how much love you get from your pet and I love cuddling with animals, so I can’t imagine I’ll never be ready!